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Call of Heroes: Zombies Clash

Call of Heroes: Zombies Clash

1.0.9 by Soul Games Studio
(0 Reviews) February 01, 2024
Call of Heroes: Zombies Clash Call of Heroes: Zombies Clash Call of Heroes: Zombies Clash Call of Heroes: Zombies Clash Call of Heroes: Zombies Clash Call of Heroes: Zombies Clash

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February 01, 2024
Soul Games Studio
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In 2350, Earth's energy was exhausted. Dr. X hopes to solve the energy crisis by creating new energy sources through particle collision experiments. However, during the super-strong particle collision experiment, Dr. X accidentally opened a different-dimensional universe channel, a large number of Zombies clash the earth, and the world begins to become chaotic. Lords, you need to build kingdom legends, lead state survival, recruit heroes, train troops to restore earth order, destroy zombies and defeat the ultimate boss!

As the Lords of the Human Alliance, you can lead all state survival to rebuild kingdom, develop advanced technology, make defensive weapons, and defend the Zombies. At the same time, you can recruit heroes, form a powerful army, defend against the different-dimensional monsters, defeat the ultimate boss, and begin a new Legend for all human civilization!

▶ Zombies Clash SLG
The channel of the different-dimensional universe opened. A large number of different-dimensional monsters and zombies clash the earth, destroyed buildings and slaughtered living beings, the whole world became chaotic, the people were homeless, and human civilization was in jeopardy...

▶ Build Kingdom
The lords who carried the last hope of human civilization finally found an abandoned base in the chaotic world. You can unlock the fog, save the state survival, rebuild your homeland, develop technology, and establish your own kingdom legends!

▶ Summon Heroes
Lords, you can recruit heroes, train soldiers, form a powerful army, use various advanced weapons and super skills to kill swarms of monsters, save the state survival of the apocalypse, and write your own heroic legends!

▶ Defeat Enemies
Summon heroes, start an expedition, struggle to fend off the dark forces from the different-dimensional universe, regain control of the city center, gradually restore earth order, defeat zombies clash and bring the world back to peace.

▶ Conquer With Allies
Join powerful alliances, unite allies from the globe, and gather armies to conquer the world. Discuss and formulate tactical strategies together, deploy multiple arrays, climb snowy mountains, cross grasslands, walk through deserts, outflank the enemies, win the final victory, build the kingdom legends and become the king of the world!

Come and join us now, Lords! This is a zombies clash and state survival MMOSLG! The real adventure and challenge are just beginning! Enjoy real-time strategy battles and compete with elite players around the world!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Heroes-Legends-104103519166518
Discord: https://discord.gg/4Ztf9RAKZt
QQ Group: 667612125

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